Spent the morning watching Meet The Press

Spent the morning watching Meet The Press. The show dealt mostly with President Obama’s Tax Cut Compromise, and whether or not the Bush Tax Cuts should be renewed. Personally, I would support a rollback of the Bush Tax Cuts if they would agree to rollback the budget to Y2K levels as well. The budget in 2000 was $1.8 Trillion. According to the BLS CPI [...]

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The Smoking Gun dredges up complaint

The Smoking Gun dredges up complaints
The Smoking Gun dredges up complaints to the FCC regarding Bristol Palin’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars. You don’t have to write the FCC because the daughter of a [...]

Proportional Representation

Today was the first day that Utah’s Redistricting Commission met to consider new political boundaries.  These tweets on the subject reminded that both sides of the debate [...]


FairVoteUtah is a new group formed to advocate for competitive and representative elections in Utah.  They are promoting proportional representation for legislative elections [...]

Geographic Disparity

Opponents of FairVoteUtah are concerned that legislative districts with multiple members would make it possible for legislators to be neighbors. Presumably, this is because [...]

A Salt Lake County resident recently

A Salt Lake County resident recently received an order to stop the construction going on in his garage because he didn’t have the proper permits. He contacted the County and [...]

More Geographic Disparity Details

Utah House of Representatives Distances
It took a little bit of work, but I managed to get Google Maps to let me geocode the legislators addresses and return Latitude and Longitude coordinates.  After that it was [...]